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Mew-Genics Teaser week 15, STEAM!

Posted by Edmund on February 2nd, 2013 in Mew-Genics


We announced a few weeks back that Mew-Genics would be released on iPad and other platforms as well. Well one of those other platforms is going to be Steam, obviously!

And now a bit of history on this project.

Mew-Genics started as a game jam game for Ludum Dare 24, with the theme "Evolution". we actually went with another of the suggested possible themes though, "100 Cats". Tommy and i worked on the prototype for 3 days in flash, once the game jam was over we thought the game actually had some odd potential and decided to work on it for another couple weeks to see where we ended up. by week 3 Mew-Genics had taken the form of a monster mashup of many different game genres with an underlying theme we hadnt seen done in games before.. so we decided to officially pause work on the next Super Meat Boy and remake Mew-Genics outside of flash, making it our new full time project.

We are currently about 18 weeks into development, we have a ways to go due to the games features, items, cats, characters, missions, etc. ballooning bigger and bigger as the days pass by, but we are both quite happy with this little monster and think you guys will really dig what we have planned.

we have been tight lipped about the actual content of the game due to the fact that we are in an active and improvised development head space and dont want to promise features/content that might not make the cut later down the road if the game becomes refocused later on. Each update we make is a feature we have tested and know for sure will be in the game... but we know how much of a tease they are and how confused most of you have become by them, so we will only do 2 more Caturday teasers after this then pull back and focus on getting the game done as well as officially announcing what the game actually is and how it plays.

Think of these teasers as our extremely vague public development blog :)

anyway, Tommy and i are starting to discover very odd and awesome in game "happenings" that go beyond what is programmed.. the game is starting to live, and its exciting and disturbing at the same time.

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