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Content Complete!!

Posted by Edmund on August 28th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

As of this week, Super Meat Boy is now content complete!

Content complete means the games content is 100% finished and currently being tested for bugs and difficulty smoothing. VMC and play testing usually last about 2 weeks then we submit for final approval and the game is done!

We should have a very big announcement in about a week, so look out for that! (might be hard to miss) We will also finally announce our official release date and price in a few days via twitter, then later on our blog when we get time.

2 more weeks of work... and then we get to get the Pc and Wiiware versions ready for their releases... it never stops. All in all we are extremely proud of this game and as one of our MS testers said.

"the intent of this game is to take gamers back to the days of the hardcore platform games such as Mega Man 2, Ghouls n’ Ghosts, and Mario 2. This game hits that target dead on and even seems to take it a step further. This game is twitch-platformer in a very pure form. "

We cant wait for you guys to get your hands on our Meat!



The following images are from ch4, aka Hell. a chapter we haven't talked about much but most of you who played the prototype might have assumed would be revived for SMB. We will be showing these images at Pax, so i thought why not give you guys a sneak peak at it. All in all there will be 7 full chapters in SMB and a bonus chapter that we cant talk about right now, those if you who think we are giving away too much with what we have shown.. you have no idea.



Oh btw, heres brownie! ........................ V


Back to work! See you in ... 3 days!

PS: Game Crashers Radio interviewed us, you can take a listen here.

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