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Super Update!

Posted by Edmund on November 10th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

A lot has happened in the past few weeks, its hard to keep up and we apologies for not responding to all the comments but hopefully this post gets everyone up to date and informs about the hows and whys of the current SMB situation.

-Danny B and Destructoid raised over $2.5k last weekend for Multiple Sclerosis. Danny donated 100% of all Super Meat Boy soundtrack sales as long as Destructoid could keep playing super meat boy Live nonstop via webcam. The session lasted over 10 hours, the game was beaten and Jonathon Holmes even unlocked the Kid live! it was a sight to be seen.

Dannys soundtrack is still available for only 4 bucks, if you dont own this.. something's wrong with you. Luckily if that something is Multiple Sclerosis Dannys got your back.

-The Xbla Title Update is being submitted to MS for approval this week and should be up by the 21st (we hope). This update will fix all known bugs, erase all 0.0 times from the leaderboards and come with a totally new music track by Danny called Dr. Fetus's Castle.

But the biggest addition to the update will be the 1st new set of 20 internets levels.

This new chapter for the internets called "the Sewers of Dross" will be our first character exclusive chapter. In the sewers of dross you will be using only Gish and his sticky abilities to traverse 20 levels that ramp in difficulty from medium to soul crushing.

Here are a few pics of the chapter.

All additional content will be 100% free.
The Sewers of Dross is one of 3 chapters that will be released this year via the internets, but more on that when the update goes live.

-During Danny's Meat-a-thon as a gift to everyone who donated to help fight MS we unveiled another secret unlockable character to the pc version this character being Captin Viridian from the amazing VVVVVV.


This is the 2nd of 6 pc exclusive playable unlocks in super meat boy. we will probably be announcing another shortly but a few hints on the remaining for are:
"a one of them sticks, one of them dashes, one of them changes form and one of them isn't organic"


Now its time for some awesome Q and A!

Q: Why No Ps3!!!

A: Why wont this question die? We have answered it publicly at least 15 times but it just never ends.

We Cant EVER do a ps3 version of super meat boy because when we were going into negotiations with publishers Sony was the only one who didn't express much interest in the game. We assumed this ment that they didn't want the game and decided to sign with Nintendo and Microsoft. Our contracts excluded any release on Ps3.

We would have loved to do a ps3 version, but its not at all possible what so ever now. so please stop asking about it.

Q: When is the Pc version coming out? can i preorder it? and will it be on sale like on xbla?

A: Our goal is to release the Pc version on Steam by the last week of Nov. Once we set a release date you will be able to preorder it on steam a week early and yes we will do a sale for anyone who preorders the Pc version of the game, we want to be fare to all fans of the game.

Q: Will you be updating the xbla version with Pc characters as DLC?

A: No, never.

Q: When are you guys putting out the level editor for Pc?

A: We hope to release the level editor with some kind of portal enabling players to easily view and rate user made levels sometime in Dec. The initial release will be a bit rough but as time passes we will take in your suggestions and fine tune the editor and level portal into a super smooth piece of awesomeness that will keep the community going for years.

Btw, this will also all be 100% free.

Hope that clears a few things up, We are planning a big update on the pc version in the next week! so stay tuned in. and follow us on twitter if you arnt already, we update it with free game codes, comic contest and loads of secret info we dont post here!

till next time!
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