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Super Meat Boy's release has been an amazingly surreal experience for both of us. I could never imagine a game like Super Meat Boy would go on to become the second highest rated game on xbox live of all time as well as sell the crazy amount of copies it has already in these past 3 weeks.

To put it into perspective, On Super Meat Boy has logged in over 40k hours in the past 3 weeks, where as Sonic 4 is pushing 17k in the past 4 weeks.

Now this is in no way a slight on Sonic, its just quite surreal to think about how a humble game made by 2 guys could out perform a sequel to one of the more popular platformers of all time made by Sega...

There was a great deal of worry on our side that gamers today wouldn't be accepting of a game that didn't hold their hands and coddle them the way the vast majority of games do these days. We are more than pleasantly surprised by the amazing response, it has renewed our faith in the gaming community and the future of games as a whole.

Not everyone is aware but we launched Super Meat Boy on xbox live with a release sale (33% off).

Super Meat Boy is on sale for 7 more days, and we want to make sure all the fans are aware of the sale ending so they don't feel screwed over when the price goes back up to $15 on the 21st of Nov. So if youre going to pick up SMB on xbla this is probably the best week for you to do so.

Heres the direct link to the games page on

More on the Pc launch tuesday!
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