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Its a Super Meat Boy Video explosion!

Posted by Edmund on November 21st, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

One half of Team Meat Studio Tour!

Destructiod Interview

SMB claymation!

SMB character cameo guide

Coolest kid ever
if the website isnt loading with you due to being hit so hard today here is a mirror  17 days ago
if you are at pax you can go hands on with super meat boy forever at the indie mega booth! just find @tommyrefenes & squirt!  17 days ago
We are officially working on a new meat boy game called Super Meat Boy Forever! info and more here!  17 days ago
RT @EdmundMcMillenn: Official info, screen shots and gifs for Super Meat Boy Forever are now up on the site!  17 days ago
The shop is finally open again!!! - Shangasm!:  23 days ago
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