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The Sewers of Dross is up!

Posted by Edmund on November 21st, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Those of you who purchased Super Meat Boy on XBLA will find a totally new full chapter in "teh Internets" called The Sewers of Dross! a Xbla exclusive chapter based around the sticky hero Gish.


The Sewers of Dross is the 1st of many FREE character exclusive chapters set to be released in the next year. Character exclusive basically means you'll be playing a full 20 level chapter based around a specific character and his/her special abilities. This setup allows us to make chapters that no other character could beat except the one in question, a very fun restriction that allows us to make totally fresh levels that almost make the game feel like a whole new platformer.


In order to play the Sewers of Dross you will need to have unlocked "the internets" by collecting 20 Bandages.


The levels in the sewers start easy enough, but get quite hard.. so it should steal away a good few hours for most players.

Those of you who arnt aware, the character Gish comes from an indie game of the same name that i made with Alex Austin in 2004. Gish went on to win the grand prize in the IGF 05 as well as the award for best game design. Those of you who havent played Gish can pick it up on steam .

And for all you Gish fans out there, Bigshottoyworks has turned Gish into a cute velour plush toy! they are quite awesome, i have 2 looking at me while i type this.


You can pick them up for 8 bucks at the bigshottoyworks shop here


Enjoy the Sewers of Dross, we have many more free chapters to come, our current schedule looks something like this.

12.??.2010 - Meat Boy (retro chapter based on the best of the meat boy flash prototype.
12.??.2010 - I Meat Boy (we take the best levels in the game remix them and make them harder!)

Q1 2011 - CommanderVideo Chapter (character exclusive chapter for commandervideo)
Q1 2011 - I wanna be the Kid (20 levels as hard as the kids warp zone, exclusive to the kid)
Q1 2011 - Best of user made p1 (20 of the best user submitted pc levels)

Have fun!
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