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GDC announcement time!

Posted by Edmund on March 2nd, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!

Oh GDC, you so crazy.

For those of you who dont know, GDC is the Game Developers Conference that's held in San Francisco every year. it a big ho down for game developers of all kinds and each year GDC gives out awards, host talks and pannels and everyone gets to show off what they are working on.

This year we were invited to give a post mortem on Super Meat Boy's development and it went quite well. its my birthday this week and i didn't feel like stressing myself out with GDC so i was able to skype in for this talk and let Tommy brave through the actual physically being there aspect.


(tommy showing everyone his best shadow puppet, its a dog)

Now the full post mortem video isn't available yet but quite a few sites have transcribed most of what was talked about.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

i dont want to go into full detail on the talk just yet, because in the next few weeks we will be releasing an official indepth post mortem via game dev magazine and i want to save all the juicy details for that write up.

Aside from all the game dev drama we also announced a few big things during our talk that id love to go into a bit more detail on.

1. Super Meat Boy Wii is officially canceled.
We really tried hard to make this happen but not one publisher we talked to thought a retail budget title for the Wii would be profitable at this point in the Wiis life cycle, and we totally understand that.

2. Team Meat are officially 3ds developers!
What does this mean? who knows, all we do know is we will be working on something 3ds related soon that may or may not have anything to do with Meat. Either way the door is wide open and we cant wait to see what comes through it.

3. The retail version of the Super Meat Boy Ultra edition was announced!
In April you will be able to get all dressed up, go out to your local Wal-Mart and pick up a very very special version of Super Meat Boy Pc.

The Ultra edition will come with...

-A 40 page long booklet that is half development sketchbook and half comic book. i did what i could to pull out the stops for this one and spent a few weeks compiling a years worth of sketches and comics all into one manual, yeah that's right i turned the manual into a limited edition comic/sketch book, WHAT NOW!

-A mini poster featuring that amazing hyper real meat boy painting by Dave Rapoza.

-The games award winning digital sound track!

-Tons of ingame sound effects (so you guys who keep emailing asking about getting that "WARP ZONE!" sound clip to use as there ring tone can stop)

-Over 300mb of bonus content including character art, wallpapers, behind the scenes development photos, warp zone art, game trailers and even a few piece of never before seen illustrations!

Here's the official cover box and inside flap art.


The SMB Ultra Edition will hit stores across North America sometime in April, and sell for $20! (it will also be sold on

The game itself is basically the same as the one you've played on steam, but with one edition...
Alien Hominid! (from the Behemoths Alien Hominid!)

oh also Bit.Trip Runner is now out on Steam!! (my personal fav. gaijin games game!) You need to buy this game now!

Ok back to work on this damn level editor... those of you in desperate need to play new levels be sure to check out our devmode forums, there are over 100 levels up there now to play.
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