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Big Steam Update!

Posted by Edmund on May 30th, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!

Those of you who have played SMB on steam today will notice there was a bit of an update.

Here is what was added:

-Enter the Unknown was added to Super Meat World.
The Unknown is a new feature in SMW that creates a full 20 level chapter using randomly chosen high rated levels from the SMW level portal. i highly recommended you check it out and be sure to rate levels so all the crap ones get filtered out.

-The Ability to sort by difficulty and fun in the level portal.
Clicking the difficulty or fun buttons in SMW when browsing single levels will arrange all the levels in the portal by over all score or over all difficulty (highest and lowest). if you feel like levels are more fun then others then make sure you play them and vote accordingly.

-A recommended chapter tab has been added to the level portal.
We wanted a way to make sure all the chapters that have been featured can be showcased, so the recommended tab (now default when you click levels) will display all featured chapters and other chapters we deem awesome.

aside from these added features we have also fixed the following bugs.
-Difficulty now displays correctly in SMW, if a level has no difficulty rating it means its never been beaten.
-Fun factor ratings have been fixed.
-Lag between levels has been fixed.
-Bug that would place lights on upload in the editor has been fixed.
-Minor editor fixes

If you want to make your own levels, check out this post for instructions on how to install the SMB level editor.

Video tutorials on how to use the editor can be found here as well.

The Mac port is currently in development.

The next xbla internets update is also being worked on.

We will be starting game #2 in a week, shits about to get real... again.

We thought we fixed the chapter submit bug, but it seems to still exist for some. If you are experiencing any crashes when you attempt to create a chapter in the level editor please email us using our contact form with your system specs and any other info about it. We cant seem to recreate this bug with any of our hardware and are having a very hard time nailing down whats causing it.
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