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Posted by Edmund on July 27th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

So, Ive been meaning to make a music post about the amazing Danny B, but i thought id make a small news post first so nothing steals any of Dannys thunder.


So a few updates.

Tommy and I are currently finishing our Alpha build of SMB, basically that means that in about a week super meat boy will be ready to submit for testing and we can go into the last month of heavy development before we hopefully submit a final build and secure an official release date.

This last month has been a hellish 12+ hour a day 7 days a week crunch, and i know August will be just as full but honestly, Super Meat Boy is by far the most amazing game ive ever worked on and well worth the tim spent. It seems a little premature to start gushing about the game and the people involved but im feeling so confident about this damn game right now i cant help but go on record saying that Tommy is fucking amazing, Danny's musical talents have somehow far exceeded my expectations and Jordan's meaty sound effects are borderline offensive. This game goes above and beyond and i cant wait to get it out to you guys.

Speaking of awesome, if you pickup the latest issue of Game Informer you'll find that SMB is the 2nd game listed in their best downloadable games of E3! A pretty huge achievement for us seeing as SMB was only shown on one kiosk and the build we showed was quite dated.

Also this months issue of Giant Robot features a 2 page spread on Super Meat Boy, as well as a nice little interview. The Mag also features a piece on Gaijin games, a team you should already know about by now.

There have recently been a few news stories about a twitter post we did talking about why SMB isnt coming to the Ps3. You can read the full explanation (as well as lots of bitching) Here. But to sum it up, the reason why Super Meat Boy isnt coming out on the ps3 was simply that when we submitted the game to both Sony and MS, Sony didn't get back to us so we assumed they weren't interested and signed with MS.

To set the record straight, Sony did express interest and contacted us about putting SMB on the PS3, but this was after the fact. Realistically though, one man (Tommy) developing an indie game with 0 funding for all systems in a year is quite insane, i think 4 platforms is enough...

-SMB tshirts have been fully restocked in the store. we also added a few secret items.... or did we?

-Small shirts can now be ordered from, you can also buy SMB stickers there as well.

-The comic we are printing for Pax has been sent to the printers, and we are printing A TON. if you're going to Pax im sure youll get a comic.

-Everything by Everyone, an documentary about the history of online entertainment recently posted a new trailer, featuring John K (ren and stimpy) and Lloyd Koufman (Toxic Avenger) and asking for YOU to help kick start the project. Im extremely honored to be featured in the same trailer as my childhood heroes, pretty surreal to see, i cant help but get off on the idea that they will hopefully end up watching the movie and thinking who the fuck is this Edmund guy?

Ok, that's all, im going to get back to animating dr fetus wacking it to computer porn.
See ya





Posted by Edmund on July 15th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!


Thats right, Your meaty hero is a Pax10 winner!
What this means is we will be showing a final build publicly at Pax this Sept. where we will also be giving out stickers and comics to those of you who come by and play with our meat.

Oh also heres the cover of the issue we will be printing for Pax.


I also uploaded a break down of the drawing proses on newgrounds for those of you who are into that kinda thing.

ok back to work!
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