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Liquid Meat

Posted by Edmund on May 24th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

I thought I'd repost this video, it was our "teaser trailer" that we put out early last year, before we actually even started development...

The video was made by a friend of mine James. There wasn't much direction on my part]. I said, "something like those early 90s MTV bumpers or early video game commercials that made no sense but looked awesome" and he just went nuts with it.

I'm posting this video again because I don't think many saw it and also because James is currently working on another that he claims will be way more nuts then the 1st

SMB is has a very early 90s vibe to it, from the humor to the retro throw backs and even the name. Everything about SMB screams that era, pulling a lot from Ren and Stimpy, Liquid Television, Beavis and Butthead and the Spike and Mike Sick and Twisted festival of animation. 91-94 were vital years for me when it came to the impact they would make on my creative career and I'm trying my best to recapture the unbridled and totally bizarre artistic freedom of that time.

I'm planning a big post all about the music of Meat Boy next week but till then, back to the E3 crunch!




Found this the other day on the facebook fan page, amazing job Ty! im using Ty's amazing art to transition into this being a post about the amazing Bit.Trip Runner (see he made some awesome art for them as well, that's the connection!).

The 3 guys at Gaijin Games have outdone them self with what i personally think is their best work yet, Runner is a super twitch reflex music platformer.. but ill let the trailer explain it.

Anyone who owns a Wii should really pick this one up, its super cheap and super fun. it may also crush your soul.

Those of you who arnt aware, CommanderVideo (the long one-eyed black monster in the video) will be playable in SMB. We will eventually upload a small video showing how he plays and explaining how you unlock him!





Indie Game: The Movie

Posted by Tommy on May 18th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Hello Everyone,

We're hard at work for YET ANOTHER DEADLINE. Seems like it never fucking ends, but that's video games. VIDEO GAMES!!!! I want a vacation. The awesome thing is though, every time I play this game (which is around 49,483 times now) I get a big smile on my face...this game rules. And proof that this game rules, the fine people (James and Lisanne) at BlinkWorks Media are featuring Edmund and I in one documentary called Indie Game: The Movie:

...and in a little mini-documentary called The Making of Super Meat Boy

As you can see, both of these videos are high quality, and they know what they are doing. They have a kickstarter up and are looking for donations to help fund this movie. Go here and help these fine people out. This movie needs to be made, not just because we are in it, but it will help shed light on indie development.

Lastly, I would like to extend a special thank you to our awesome fans. Your continuous votes insured our victory in the GTTV contest! So, come May 28th Super Meat Boy will have a nice little spot on GTTV on Spike TV and on You guys rule, thank ya:)




Super Meat Store!

Posted by Edmund on May 16th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

UPDATE 4:20 5/18/


I believe the final score was 64%SMB, 33% limbo.. so there you go guys, we kicked major ass!
Thanks to everyone that voted especially the ones that went the extra mile and spent the man hours clicking away!

We will be giving away free comics to those of you who really went above and beyond via twitter, so if you dont have an account or dont follow us yet, do so now!

Also obvious special thanks to for tweeting this news!
(follow their twitter!)



A few days ago i posted a link on our Twitter to a small run of new (extremely cute) SMB and Bandage Girl plush toys by Danielleorama. There are only a few left, so those of you who want daily info and SMB news follow us on Twitter, we tend to release new screen shots and video links there days before they make it to the blog.

Buy them in the SMB store:

Update: Bandage girls now sold out!


We also have a limited supply of SMB comics in the store as well, issue one is in very low supply (around 40 left in existence), these comics will never be reprinted so once they are gone they are gone for good.
Each comic comes signed!

If you dont have the extra cash, and really want a comic, every Friday we give away 5 via Twitter so follow us and participate in free comic friday!.

Buy them here:

We are currently working on getting a few T-shirts made, they look pretty awesome, ill update as soon as we get them.




We need your votes!!!!

Posted by Tommy on May 7th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Turns out the low votes were wrong, we've been winning the whole time..but it looks like the reset everything. We emailed GameTrailers and inquired about the problem, the said they have fixed it and it looks legit now (the vote percentages now add up to 100%) so Please vote again if you can and vote often!!!


Hello everyone,

We are working hard on the last bit of the game and have put together a new gameplay montage (this isn't a trailer per say) and we need help from our hopefully adoring fans.

Spike TV is running a contest to pick your favorite game to show on an upcoming episode of Game Trailers TV. We are in the running against Limbo and Comic Jumper. We need your help.

Watch the New Trailer At


I believe you can vote more than once, so DO SO! Back to work!




Amazing indie game pack!

Posted by Edmund on May 6th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Everyone needs to check out the Humble indie bundle. Its a pack of 5 award winning indie classics World of goo, Gish, Aquaria, Lugaru and Penumbra.

Everyone of these games can be yours and you simply pay anything you want, anything! .01 - 500$ its totally up to you, you can even choose to donate it all to charity!

Its an amazing offer that everyone really needs to check out, it only lasts for a few more days so don't miss this opportunity!

Humble indie bundle

In other news, Tommy and i need you guys to Follow us on Twitter and Facebook! we will be announcing something soon and will be needing as many followers as possible. In tern we will be giving out free comics and eventually T-shirts via Twitter/Facebook! , every Friday we hold contest and give away a ton of stuff so if you love the meat, then jump on board!




Extra credit!

Posted by Edmund on May 1st, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

So I've decided to take a break from the endless frames of cut scene animation this week to write the 2nd installment on what im now calling "I think too much about game design, because i have no life outside it" (by Edmund McMillen).

Last week we talked about "Difficulty" something i might reference in this article so you might as well check that one out if you haven't, but this week's topic is risk/reward!


So what is risk/reward?

Risk/reward is a system established by the arcade generation that rewards the player for taking a risk that goes beyond what they are asked to do normally.

Pac-Man uses r/r perfectly in many aspects of its design, not many think about it but this is actually why the game is good.


So the first and most obvious aspect of r/r in Pacman is the blue ghost multiplier. When the player eats a power pellet the four ghosts chasing you become edible for a small amount of time and attempt to avoid you. Eating said ghosts will result in score points and with each ghost eaten after the first that score is multiplied.

The risk here of course is the fact that the ghosts will turn back to normal very quickly, so eating them becomes a race against the clock, if you're too close to one when they become normal you usually die.

So the risk here is a loss of a life, and the reward is higher score, but the substantial aspect of the reward is the fact that Pacman rewards the player with extra lives every 10,000 points, and this is what makes the r/r in Pacman important.

The player isnt ever required to eat a single ghost, its simply an optional risk the player can take to rack up score and gain extra lives in the process.


Super Mario bros. was the first console title to reinvent r/r in ways that had less to do with score, which had basically become irrelevant once games left the arcade.


The introduction of Coins as things to collect to get an extra life is an r/r mechanic introduced by Mario that was blindly copied by just about every platformer thereafter. The basic idea behind coins in Mario was to use them as r/r that usually put the player in a dangerous situation, if the player collected 100 coins they got an extra life.


Mario also used coins as a way to instruct the player on how to play giving them reference points on where to jump and also hints on where to explore, but i'll talk more about instruction through level design in another article.

The second example of r/r in Mario was the 1up mushroom.


Hidden within almost every level in Mario was a single block that when hit released a 1up mushroom. The introduction of the 1up mushroom was a great way to get the player to take their time and explore the levels a bit more. Exploring each level for that hidden 1up added more danger and also ate up the players time limit. 1up mushrooms were also usually rigged to run from the player and/or into kill zones, requiring the player to take an even bigger risk to acquire them.

But as most staple mechanics in games, coins and 1up mushroom became easier to get and more abundant as the years went by, and the reward for going the extra mile to get them became pointless when the player no longer needed to worry about lives (see previous article)


So how could r/r be applied to a game that had infinite lives?


Every chapter in SMB has 20 bandages to be collected, 7 in the main world, 7 in the dark and 6 in that chapters warp zones. The r/r formula with bandages is very similar to coins in mario, with a few minor changes.


So every level in SMB that has a bandage requires the player to collect said bandage then complete the level without being killed in the process. Bandages are placed in areas that would require more action from the player and put them in much more danger, most importantly the player isn't ever required to collect a single bandage to complete the main game.

What about the exploration aspect of 1up mushrooms, how can that be applied to a game like SMB?


So warp zones act as 1up mushrooms in the sense that the player needs to explore levels to find them and they are usually put in hidden/ hard to reach areas of the game. when a warp zone is found it is permanently unlocked in the level menu.

Now bear with me because this might get a little wordy.

Every chapter of SMB has 4 hidden warp zones, 3 in the main game 1 in the dark world.
There are 2 types of warp zones, retro warps and character warps.

Retro warp zone:
3 levels, 3 lives per level and 2 bandages to be collected.


A retro warp zone is a series of 3 small (usually single screen) levels with a retro visual theme. The player must beat all 3 levels in succession with a limit of 3 lives per level to complete it. Each level set will have 2 bandages to collect, but the player only keeps those bandages IF they complete the warp zone.

This was not only a perfect way to bring back old school r/r but also a way juxtapose the new established rules of difficulty (see previous article) with the retro formulas of the past.

Character Warp zone:
infinite lives, play as new character, beat the warp unlock that character.


Each Character warp in SMB starts with a cut scene introducing a new playable character from the indie community. The warp zone is again a series of 3 levels that must be completed to unlock that character to be used in the main game, but this time theres no life limit and the player will only be using that character to complete the levels.

Every unlockable character in SMB plays differently, usually having a unique ability like double jump, floating or flight. The levels in the warp are designed in a way that forces the player to use that character's ability in order to finish them, in turn teaching the player what advantages that character could have over certain levels previously played by meat boy.

When the warp is completed, the character is unlocked and can now be used in most main game levels (excluding warp zones, boss fights and other special circumstances)

And that brings us to reward, now that lives don't matter, how can we reward the player in a substantial way that adds more to the experience in the same way lives would in the past?


Reward = Content unlockables = playable characters / new levels

Every 10 bandages collected unlocks something that changes/adds to the current game. and as mentioned above 1 of every 4 warp zones completed also unlocks a playable character.

Substantial reward is very important to help motivate the player to push themselves to get better and try more difficult challenges. The difference between unlocking a new way to play the whole game or unlocking a digital badge, or hat for your character is quite large, but adding something as in depth as a new playable character also comes with its own set of difficulties, but this post has gotten quite long so next time ill go in depth about unlockable characters, exploration in platformers and the idea behind using characters from other games in my next article.

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