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For my Cousins Kyle and Justin...

Posted by Tommy on November 7th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Hey guys!

I heard some of your friends at school didn't believe you were related to me because we don't look alike. We do however have similar Refenes features...and share that really common last name "Refenes". Anyway, I'm happy to help you exploit my limited fame. So here you go:)

This is my cousin Kyle Refenes


This is my cousin Justin Refenes


I've known them both since their respective births. We are 100% related and they know that I (Tommy Refenes) and Team Meat have their backs. Love you guys and I'll hopefully see you this Christmas:)








IGTM, Reviews, Contests AND LAUNCH

Posted by Tommy on October 17th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!


So Indie Game the Movie made a little short of me. I have pointed teeth and look like a monster, but I'm declaring this the new look for the 2010's. It's awesome. I talk about the controls in SMB.

Reviews are rolling in...they are overwhelmingly positive. It's pretty nuts. There's a real sense of accomplishment as it seems that the game that Edmund and I have created has been fully realized.

Here's one video review that made me and Edmund tear up. Here's a neat quote from it:

"This could be the Mario for this generation".

Pretty amazing. 3 days and the game launches I hope you're all excited as I am...I'm about half cocked right now.

Also...if you want a free copy of the game. Follow us on twitter, we are giving away free copies of the game every day until launch cuz we love our fans (MOST OF THEM).





Posted by Tommy on October 1st, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!


So.....we got an email today saying that Super Meat Boy just passed Final Certification. We've had several stressful months leading up to this, and this feels pretty fuckin good and slightly overwhelming:) We want to thank all of our friends and family for putting up with our psychosis during this incredibly stressful time. Also, super thanks to MS for having faith in us during all this...two guys doing the work of like 12 is pretty nuts but they believed in us and helped us a ton:)

October 20th, 2010. Xbox Owners: Prepare to have your fucking minds blown out your asses!!




Teh Internets!

Posted by Tommy on September 22nd, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

So, earlier today, our good friend over at MTV, Russ Frushtick, downloaded SMB off partnernet and gave it a whirl. He was playing through, collecting bandaids, and suddenly he was presented with a message that said: “You have Unlocked Teh Internets”. Puzzled, alarmed and probably sitting in a pool of his own excitement induced urine, Russ tried it out and became suspicious to the point of saying out loud “Wait….are they….wait…holy shit they are!!!!”. We gave him a few quotes and some information which can be seen here, but we want to go into some detail now about this mysterious chapter exclusive to the Xbox.


The short explanation is that Teh Internets is a specific chapter for Xbox 360 that takes advantage of Title Managed Storage (TMS) through the Xbox LIVE service that allows us to add new chapters whenever we feel like it to the game. Pretty awesome, but the best part is that it is absolutely 100% FREE. In a world where it costs $2 to unlock content in a game that you’ve already purchased it is nice to have the power to totally say “fuck you” to that system and go our own way. As we upload content there are no micro transactions to play new chapters and we can basically do whatever we want with these chapters and it costs you, our adoring fans, nothing. We love you.

Each internets chapter contains 20 levels and can be tailored to allow all characters to play them, or lock in a specific character allowing us to create levels that only certain characters can defeat using their special abilities. When Super Meat Boy launches October 20th on XBLA, one Internets chapter will be up called “Butcher Boy”. In Butcher Boy you control 8Bit Meat Boy as he traverses 20 retro themed levels that take previous mechanics in the game (fans, moving platforms, etc) and expands upon them with entirely new levels that introduce new concepts.


There are no official dates set for each new Internets chapter, but here is the current development list.

1. The Butcher Boy, 8bit themed Meat Boy chapter (uploaded 10.20.2010)
2. The Sewers of Dross, an entire chapter specifically for Gish (Q4 2010)
3. Meat Boy, 8bit themed Meat Boy chapter based around the flash prototype (Q4 2010)
4. Debug World, uses the editor in different ways to make insane levels (Q1 2011)
5: ??? (Q1 2011)

Now, as I’ve said above, this is an Xbox 360 Exclusive feature. Before we all start to bitch and moan about this, know that in order for the game to come out on XBLA, we had to offer something exclusive and this was the best and coolest option for us. Also, quite frankly, Title Managed Storage on Xbox LIVE took all of the difficult parts of getting this system up and running out of my hands. It literally took me a week to implement the Internets Chapter fully, that’s a huge deal for what it is.


Originally we wanted level sharing between platforms. We wanted PC users to be able to play their levels on Xbox, and we wanted the Xbox and Wii versions to have an editor, but this simply wasn’t in the cards. Platform holders have extremely strict rules over user generated content, plus they offer no easy way to do it. In order for us to do something like this we would have to maintain and pay for our own servers. We are a poor two man team, we don't have the money or the time to do this. But, a cool thing about Teh Internets is, we can still sort of make this happen. The PC and Mac versions of the game will have a level editor at some point. My personal goal is to get the Editor out no more than 6 months after the PC version ships. I want it to be good and easy to use. One of the things we are planning on doing is a “Best of User Made Levels” pack for the Internets where Ed and I pick out our favorite user made levels and put them in the Internets.


So yea, that’s the deal. We are super excited about it and we hope you all are as well! Now here’s a little FAQ we put together:

Q: How long will you support the internets?

A: For as long as we get new level ideas and/or people send in levels once the level editor is up.

Q: Is the internets chapter part of the story?

A: No, its a bonus feature that has nothing to do with the story of the game.

Q: Will the internets levels be playable on the pc?

A: Once the level editor is out all user made chapters and bonus levels released there after will be avalible for download free of charge.

Q: Has Microsoft expressed an opinion on you apparently sidestepping their rules/regulations on how to introduce new content?

A: We were worried about this but, no. we slipped through a loop hole of awesome. In the end they actually welcomed it because they want developers to do anything and everything with their service that makes them stand out. No one has ever done anything like this in the history of XBLA as far as we (and our people at MS) know and it’s seriously the most awesome use of it ever.

Q: Why dont the PC, Mac and Wii versions feature the internets chapter?

A: The Internets was part of our "exclusive online content" deal with MS. quite literally, if we didn't have this kind of exclusive content we wouldn't have the deal we have now which means no SMB on XBLA which would make us very sad. Originally this "exclusive online content" was going to be online versus mode, but that turned out to not actually be fun, and felt like we were just tacking on online content because the contract told us to.

In the end we came up with the internets feature because we felt like it fit the game better, keep the game alive and would eventually feature user made content.

Q: What do the PC, Mac and Wii versions get if the Xbla version gets this free content?

A: As mentioned above the PC and Mac versions will both get a full level editor, once we make it user friendly.

We are currently working on the Wii version and seeing what we can do, we tried our best to get Reggie to let us use him as an unlockable character but quickly got turned down.. :(. In the end i think wii users will be very happy with their version, but we cant/shouldn't really talk about it till we are 100% sure what we can offer.

Q: Will the xbox version eventually feature a level editor?

A: No, there are legal issues making it nearly impossible for a two man indie team to release unregulated user made content online without a large active team approving each level. Not only that, but it would require us to purchase and maintain our own private servers, which would have to be up to specs with Microsoft’s rules about server configurations, which…oddly….are expensive…

So that about wraps it up. last thing. The game is done and going through certification now...I cried when I uploaded the build. More on that later!




E3 2010: Great success!

Posted by Tommy on June 20th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Post Post E3 Update Number 2

Marco, a very nice journalist at Eurogamer Italy stumbled across Super Meat Boy on the show floor and wrote this article about it. It is in Italian so if you are American, break out Google Translate (I did) and if you are from probably anywhere else you probably know Italian or Spanish and can decipher enough of the article to get how bad ass it is. Click my favorite quote from the article to view the full article (translated to english):

...and embodies my personal absolute surprise of E3. Keep strict watch, I highly recommend.

Post E3 Update

The guys over at EpicBattleAxe (awesome name) have done a preview writeup on SMB. From reading the article, it seems like they had no idea what SMB was until they stopped to play it....and they loved it. Read the full writeup here:

EpicBattleAxe Super Meat Boy Preview

Also, if you look at the front of, you'll see that MeatBoy is on a banner with Raiden from Metal Gear Solid Rising, and Kratos from God of War to promote their best of E3 awards. As of yet, we have not been nominated for anything (not even best downloadable but who knows. They might just be using MeatBoy to make Kratos not look like such a fag....

Hey Everyone,

I just got back from E3. For those of you who don't know what E3 is, its basically a bunch of hot chicks, video games, and socially awkward nerds playing video games. It's great fun:)

Super Meat Boy was on the show floor as part of the Xbox 360 Booth (right near Crackdown 2). Without any sort of exaggeration, and this is 100% true, everyone that played the game, loved the game. I watched people die over and over with HUGE smiles on their face. They would play even the hardest levels until the beat them then the crowd around them would erupt in cheers and applause. Then, they would play the next level. It was awesome, and the best part is we were only showing chapter 1, 2 and 3....most only played Chapter 1. Peoples minds are going to be blown when this game is done, guarenteed.

Press has been pretty awesome from the demo on the show floor, we've twittered several of the links, but my favorite was from Jonathan Holmes with Destructoid. Words can't describe how awesome this video is, look for Super Meat Boy at about the 3minutes 50seconds.

Our buddy, Ryan, from GameTrailers made a last minute super appreciated trip to our booth about 15 minutes before the show closed. One video is a walkthrough with me talking about the game, the other is just some gameplay.

GameTrailers Walkthrough
GameTrailers Cam gameplay

Here's a random hands on video showing some retro gameplay:

Some sites also had some pretty nice things to say about Super Meat Boy after demoing it, here's a few of our favorites.

"Super Meat Boy: Super Meat Boy could become our newest addiction." -joystiq

"Super Meat Boy. It’s arguably the most anticipated game we have or ever will mention on this site" -Diy gamer

"Super Meat Boy is this year's World Of Goo, I'm calling it." -voodoo extreme

"an absolute ‘ya-gotta-play-dis’ not just for platformer fans, but for the gaming populous in general."

One shitty thing is, I didn't get to play ANYTHING except BulletStorm and that was only because I was at the BulletStorm party trying to find CliffyB to give him an SMB sticker. Turns out he knew all about Super Meat Boy and still had the comic we sent him last year. He said he loved the work we were doing and that our game is awesome. Pretty cool hearing that from the dude that thought up Gears of War:). BulletStorm was actually pretty cool, I hate FPS games but I really enjoyed the combo system in it. It will be cool to see how they expand on that. It's a nice change from fucking War simulations. Just walking around the show floor, I swear I saw the same game 3 and 4 times at different booths...Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, etc all those games look identical and boring. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 looked pretty awesome. Limbo was on the other side of the Xbox booth and that game looks like an animated movie, it will do well on Live Arcade. I did get to go to the Nintendo Press Conference, which was awesome but didn't get to try out the 3DS. From what I heard, the 3DS lines were 2 hours long. I heard from people that played it though that it looked amazing, and they have a bad ass lineup of games coming out at launch, so Nintendo wins E3 on that one alone:) Funny bit of trivia: Jordan Fehr, our sound effects guy, recently got a new job...turns out that job is doing sound design on the new Donkey Kong Country game...pretty bad ass huh?

E3, for me at least, was like a huge B12 shot. I felt like garbage the week before E3 and almost didn't go, I didn't decide until June 14th (the day before E3 started and my birthday) that I was going. I'm very glad I did.

Back to work now as we approach the last few weeks of development and testing. Get ready to have your asses handed to you by Super Meat Boy and enjoy every minute of it!




Indie Game: The Movie

Posted by Tommy on May 18th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Hello Everyone,

We're hard at work for YET ANOTHER DEADLINE. Seems like it never fucking ends, but that's video games. VIDEO GAMES!!!! I want a vacation. The awesome thing is though, every time I play this game (which is around 49,483 times now) I get a big smile on my face...this game rules. And proof that this game rules, the fine people (James and Lisanne) at BlinkWorks Media are featuring Edmund and I in one documentary called Indie Game: The Movie:

...and in a little mini-documentary called The Making of Super Meat Boy

As you can see, both of these videos are high quality, and they know what they are doing. They have a kickstarter up and are looking for donations to help fund this movie. Go here and help these fine people out. This movie needs to be made, not just because we are in it, but it will help shed light on indie development.

Lastly, I would like to extend a special thank you to our awesome fans. Your continuous votes insured our victory in the GTTV contest! So, come May 28th Super Meat Boy will have a nice little spot on GTTV on Spike TV and on You guys rule, thank ya:)
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