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Meaty News!!

Posted by Edmund on April 17th, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!

So, a few big updates this week.

1st, for those of you who have some how missed it, Super Meat Boy is one of 13 very awesome indie games in Steams Potato Bundle. It was recently officially announced that playing the games inside the potato bundle will actually help launch Portal 2 early! (you can see how the launch is going here)


What this also means is chances are once portal 2 launches, the potato bundle will end.. so this is your last chance to get all these great games for 75% off! so do that already!

Im going out of my way to push this sale even more because there is a good chance that the Level Editor for steam will be launching next week and with the sale potentially going away before it launches this will be your last chance to get Super Meat Boy at this discount price for a long time to come... so dont bitch to us if you waited till the editor was out to buy the game and it was full price!


2nd, Our FULL postmortem is finally up for viewing on Gamasutra.
A lot of you might have heard bits and pieces of this from a few sites that leaked info from it early, and the majority of you probably only read the sensational head lines "Super Meat Boy team attacks Microsoft!" or "Team Meat burns their bridge with MS!" or something along those lines.

Now i understand the press tends to blow things up to get the attention of readers, but the postmortem is about A LOT more then the problems we had with our xbla launch, its about ALL of the ups and down of development. We spent quite a few days on this article and released it knowing it might receive some backlash, but it was very important for us to be totally honest about our development in hopes other developers might learn something from our mistakes.

And those mistakes shouldn't be read as "Dont work with Microsoft!" but more along the lines of "Make sure you get everything promised in a contract". But honestly theres a lot more to this postmortem then the MS hubbub, if youre a developer, or just a fan of SMB give it a read. Either way you'll probably get to see most of it 1st hand once indie game: the movie comes out this sept.

Ok so aside from that here's some info on whats to come:

- The Beta level editor should be out shortly, this level editor is a Steam exclusive.
- Super Meat World has been updated with 2 new chapters and has another scheduled update once the editor is out.
- 3 new chapters are coming to the xbla version (Paradise lost, Jumper Returns and Remnants) early next week via the internets.
- We have been told that most Walmarts are sold out of the retail edition of Super Meat Boy, but its still available online at



The physical retail edition of super meat boy (Ultra edition) is now on sale on! (also should be out in Walmart by the weekend).

Its $20, and you NEED IT!


So why the hell do you want to pay 20 bucks for something you might already own?
well here are the details.


The Ultra Edition includes:

-An awesome 40 page booklet that is half comic half sketchbook.
The Ultra edition booklet features content never before seen in the comics we sell off our etsy shop, as well as over 16 pages of development sketches, including the never before seen pictures of characters that never made their way into the game. I spent a great deal of time on this booklet and I'm very happy with how it turned out.


-Mini Poster by Dave Rapoza
A smaller version of the poster you've probably seen quite a few times on this site, it's fucking awesome.


-Finally play as Alien Hominid on the PC!
Till now Alien Hominid was exclusive to the xbla version, but now he will become unlocked along side Josef when you collect 30 bandages.

-Digital Soundtrack
10 of your favorite tracks by the amazing Danny B. featured in the game plus 5 bonus fan made music tracks and covers.

-Warp Zone art collection.
The full collection of all the warp zone title screens in the game made by indie artists such as Derek Yu (Spelunky), Terry Cavanagh (vvvvvv), David Hellman (Braid), Adam Saltsman (Canabalt) and many more. This collection also includes 6 extra never before seen "Lost" warp zone screens that never made it into the game!

-An awesome outer box!
I spent a lot of time on it... i know its just a fucking box, but its damn cool!

-High rez character art.

-16 of the most requested sound fx files.

-6 piano arrangements by Brent Kennedy.

-Game trailers and video extras.

-Development Photos



It's surprisingly fulfilling to have something tangible you can hold in your hands, in an odd way it makes me feel like the game is finally legit. I'm super happy we got to make this for the fans, we did our best to try and make the retail edition a must buy for all Meat Boy fanatics!

-Level editor is releasing soon!
-Potato Boy will be gone in the next update.
-The C.h.a.d. plush is in its prototype stage and will be for sale soon.
-Super Meat Boy is still on sale for 50% off on Steam.
-Mac port will start once SMW and the editor are finished.
-There will also be a Linux Port
-3 new xbla chapters will be uploaded on the 15th
-2 new SMW chapters will be uploaded this weekend.

oh and before anyone asks, the ultra edition also features Super Meat World and will auto update to feature the level editor once it's available.





Super Meat World!

Posted by Edmund on April 1st, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!

Those of you who read the 1st letter of each sentence of the last post know this already, but i though it would be best to make it official...

Super Meat World is now live on steam!


The Facts:

- Super Meat World is a bonus chapter that unlocks with 20 bandages. (its to the left of ch1)

- Super Meat World is a full level portal that allows you to play custom made chapters and single levels designed by users, other dev teams and team meat.

- Super Meat World launched at 10am today with 8 new chapters (over 140 levels, bringing the level total beyond 500!)

- Super Meat World is a work in progress. more features will be added as time passes.

- Super Meat World is 100% FREE.


But that's not all!
To celebrate this update, Super Meat Boy is now on sale for 50% off!

But there's more!
Super Meat Boy is also one of 13 amazing games featured in easily the greatest indie bundle of all time..

The Potato Sack Bundle! Every game in this pack has been reduced by 75%! that means you can get your hands on some of the greatest indie hits of 2010 (and many more) for a mere $38.. its honestly a stupid awesome deal...

In it you get:

Super Meat Boy
Bit.Trip Beat
The Ball
Killing Floor
Toki Tori
Audio Surf
1,2,3 kick it
Defense Grid
The Wonderful end of the world

Seriously, go buy that pack.


So what about the level editor?

The level editor is currently being rigged to steam, and will soon be release as a public beta.
The level editor update will also include a large update to Super Meat World, called "The Unknown", a chapter that randomly pulls high rated levels from the portal together to create and endless world of awesome!

When we said we were going to buy our own server spend 3 months on a fully supported and automated level portal and editor and then give away for free, people said we were FOOLS!

thats probably correct.

Enjoy Super Meat World, bare with us as we work out the kinks!

-Ch6 bug and invisible cursor in SMW will be fixed asap
-voting on levels wont be in till the editor is released.
-level saving in the portal isn't active.
-music per chapter is coming soon.

here is a vid of SMW in action, potato boy FTW!






Posted by Edmund on March 31st, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!


Sometimes it takes a while to realize when you are wrong, you get
Used to the way things are in your life and simply lose sight of things.

Peta was right about meat boy, meat is murder!
Everyone told us peta was nothing more then a gathering of
Rambling religious zealots, and we believed them.

Meat boy is not the type of hero we want our kids looking up to.
Even i am willing to admit, we made a mistake and its time to fix it.

A wise man once said "For as long as men massacre animals,
They will kill each other. Indeed, he
Who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love."

Officially, let me introduce you to our new mascot, Potato Boy!
Runing off of pure soulless vegetable fuel!
Leaving no trail of blood, no bodies of innocent animals or
Destroying this beautiful world.

I stand by our new hero, and once you play as him you will too.
Steam's potato boy update is loaded and ready to roll!

Update your steam copy today!
Potato Boy FTW




Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Posted by Edmund on March 17th, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!

Please dont die.




GDC announcement time!

Posted by Edmund on March 2nd, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!

Oh GDC, you so crazy.

For those of you who dont know, GDC is the Game Developers Conference that's held in San Francisco every year. it a big ho down for game developers of all kinds and each year GDC gives out awards, host talks and pannels and everyone gets to show off what they are working on.

This year we were invited to give a post mortem on Super Meat Boy's development and it went quite well. its my birthday this week and i didn't feel like stressing myself out with GDC so i was able to skype in for this talk and let Tommy brave through the actual physically being there aspect.


(tommy showing everyone his best shadow puppet, its a dog)

Now the full post mortem video isn't available yet but quite a few sites have transcribed most of what was talked about.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

i dont want to go into full detail on the talk just yet, because in the next few weeks we will be releasing an official indepth post mortem via game dev magazine and i want to save all the juicy details for that write up.

Aside from all the game dev drama we also announced a few big things during our talk that id love to go into a bit more detail on.

1. Super Meat Boy Wii is officially canceled.
We really tried hard to make this happen but not one publisher we talked to thought a retail budget title for the Wii would be profitable at this point in the Wiis life cycle, and we totally understand that.

2. Team Meat are officially 3ds developers!
What does this mean? who knows, all we do know is we will be working on something 3ds related soon that may or may not have anything to do with Meat. Either way the door is wide open and we cant wait to see what comes through it.

3. The retail version of the Super Meat Boy Ultra edition was announced!
In April you will be able to get all dressed up, go out to your local Wal-Mart and pick up a very very special version of Super Meat Boy Pc.

The Ultra edition will come with...

-A 40 page long booklet that is half development sketchbook and half comic book. i did what i could to pull out the stops for this one and spent a few weeks compiling a years worth of sketches and comics all into one manual, yeah that's right i turned the manual into a limited edition comic/sketch book, WHAT NOW!

-A mini poster featuring that amazing hyper real meat boy painting by Dave Rapoza.

-The games award winning digital sound track!

-Tons of ingame sound effects (so you guys who keep emailing asking about getting that "WARP ZONE!" sound clip to use as there ring tone can stop)

-Over 300mb of bonus content including character art, wallpapers, behind the scenes development photos, warp zone art, game trailers and even a few piece of never before seen illustrations!

Here's the official cover box and inside flap art.


The SMB Ultra Edition will hit stores across North America sometime in April, and sell for $20! (it will also be sold on

The game itself is basically the same as the one you've played on steam, but with one edition...
Alien Hominid! (from the Behemoths Alien Hominid!)

oh also Bit.Trip Runner is now out on Steam!! (my personal fav. gaijin games game!) You need to buy this game now!

Ok back to work on this damn level editor... those of you in desperate need to play new levels be sure to check out our devmode forums, there are over 100 levels up there now to play.




New Chapters added!

Posted by Edmund on February 21st, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!

So as of about 5pm PST today 2 totally new chapters have been uploaded to the XBLA version of SMB and you can play them now... FREE OF CHARGE!

Expert Remix and Cramps (nova) have both been uploaded to "The Internets" an Xbla exclusive chapter that acts as a hub for us to upload new level content accessible by users without the whole messy aspect of spending money...

The full list of Internets Chapters is:

Expert Remix (by Team Meat)
Character: Meat Boy
Difficulty: Very Hard
Levels: 20

This level pack remixes and raises the difficulty of the top 20 best levels in the game (picked by the fans and myself)
Full list of levels remixed can be found in the forums Here.





Cramps (by NovaSilisko)
Character: Meat Boy
Difficulty: Medium
Levels: 20

Our 1st user made chapter upload. a very well designed chapter that should be easy enough for those of you just starting out but still quite enjoyable for the masochists out there.




Sewers of Dross (by Team Meat)
Character: Gish
Difficulty: Hard
Levels: 20

A character exclusive chapter that explores Gish and his specific sticky abilities.

The Butcher Boy (by Team Meat)
Character: 8bit Meat Boy
Difficulty: Medium
Levels: 20

An 8bit retro chapter that explores many mechanics that weren't used in the main story mode.

This 2 chapter addition will push our extra content packs to 80 levels, officially raising the total level count to just over 430 levels!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the 100s of new levels planned for release via "The Internets". We have over 5 new chapters planned for this year that will feature level design by many different and well known developers, character exclusive chapters and loads of new awesome user made content.

Enjoy the new levels!



Q: How do i access "the Internets"?
A: "The Internets" is a chapter that is unlocked by collecting 15 bandages or completing 40 levels in the main game. its the chapter pad to the left of the forest on the mini map.


Q: Do i have to be online to access this new content?
A: Yes.

Q: Will Pc users get this content?
A: Yes, once the level portal and editor are finished and released we will upload both new chapters to the Pc level portal.

Q: When is the Pc editor and Portal coming out!?
A: When its done, its getting close though.

Q: How can i submit my custom chapter for you to upload to xbla?
A: Email us via our contact form and we will check it out, it also helps to post about your chapter in our forum.
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