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Box art!

Posted by Edmund on December 6th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

So I just about shit myself when I saw the final version of the cover of our printed SMB PC Special Edition so can you!


Fucking crazy huh?

That amazing cover art was done by none other then Dave Rapoza, somebody magic fans might allready know about but easily one of the best painters in MTG's current roster of artists. Dave has posted high rez images of the cover as well as a break down of the process on his blog,

Some of you might remember a similar painting that popped up online around our xbla release, yup Dave was also responsible for this amazing piece as well. Once i saw that i knew he had to be the one to do our boxed cover.


Obviously an homage to the hyper realistic box art of yesteryear, Dave did an impeccable job at recapturing the early 90s of box art greatness and i applaud him on his tallents!


This cover will be placed on our upcoming PC boxed release that will be printed and sold independently through our site. This "Special Edition" pc version will feature the exact same game as you've played on steam, but it will also come packed with special features like behind the scenes videos, design sketches, illustrations and never before scene cutting room floor characters, art and the like.

We hope to have the printed version out by the end of Jan. after the level editor is out, it will probably sell for around 20-25 bucks depending on the final price of the printing.

News on steam updates, and devmode coming soon!




Found this the other day on the facebook fan page, amazing job Ty! im using Ty's amazing art to transition into this being a post about the amazing Bit.Trip Runner (see he made some awesome art for them as well, that's the connection!).

The 3 guys at Gaijin Games have outdone them self with what i personally think is their best work yet, Runner is a super twitch reflex music platformer.. but ill let the trailer explain it.

Anyone who owns a Wii should really pick this one up, its super cheap and super fun. it may also crush your soul.

Those of you who arnt aware, CommanderVideo (the long one-eyed black monster in the video) will be playable in SMB. We will eventually upload a small video showing how he plays and explaining how you unlock him!

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