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E3 2010: Great success!

Posted by Tommy on June 20th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Post Post E3 Update Number 2

Marco, a very nice journalist at Eurogamer Italy stumbled across Super Meat Boy on the show floor and wrote this article about it. It is in Italian so if you are American, break out Google Translate (I did) and if you are from probably anywhere else you probably know Italian or Spanish and can decipher enough of the article to get how bad ass it is. Click my favorite quote from the article to view the full article (translated to english):

...and embodies my personal absolute surprise of E3. Keep strict watch, I highly recommend.

Post E3 Update

The guys over at EpicBattleAxe (awesome name) have done a preview writeup on SMB. From reading the article, it seems like they had no idea what SMB was until they stopped to play it....and they loved it. Read the full writeup here:

EpicBattleAxe Super Meat Boy Preview

Also, if you look at the front of, you'll see that MeatBoy is on a banner with Raiden from Metal Gear Solid Rising, and Kratos from God of War to promote their best of E3 awards. As of yet, we have not been nominated for anything (not even best downloadable but who knows. They might just be using MeatBoy to make Kratos not look like such a fag....

Hey Everyone,

I just got back from E3. For those of you who don't know what E3 is, its basically a bunch of hot chicks, video games, and socially awkward nerds playing video games. It's great fun:)

Super Meat Boy was on the show floor as part of the Xbox 360 Booth (right near Crackdown 2). Without any sort of exaggeration, and this is 100% true, everyone that played the game, loved the game. I watched people die over and over with HUGE smiles on their face. They would play even the hardest levels until the beat them then the crowd around them would erupt in cheers and applause. Then, they would play the next level. It was awesome, and the best part is we were only showing chapter 1, 2 and 3....most only played Chapter 1. Peoples minds are going to be blown when this game is done, guarenteed.

Press has been pretty awesome from the demo on the show floor, we've twittered several of the links, but my favorite was from Jonathan Holmes with Destructoid. Words can't describe how awesome this video is, look for Super Meat Boy at about the 3minutes 50seconds.

Our buddy, Ryan, from GameTrailers made a last minute super appreciated trip to our booth about 15 minutes before the show closed. One video is a walkthrough with me talking about the game, the other is just some gameplay.

GameTrailers Walkthrough
GameTrailers Cam gameplay

Here's a random hands on video showing some retro gameplay:

Some sites also had some pretty nice things to say about Super Meat Boy after demoing it, here's a few of our favorites.

"Super Meat Boy: Super Meat Boy could become our newest addiction." -joystiq

"Super Meat Boy. It’s arguably the most anticipated game we have or ever will mention on this site" -Diy gamer

"Super Meat Boy is this year's World Of Goo, I'm calling it." -voodoo extreme

"an absolute ‘ya-gotta-play-dis’ not just for platformer fans, but for the gaming populous in general."

One shitty thing is, I didn't get to play ANYTHING except BulletStorm and that was only because I was at the BulletStorm party trying to find CliffyB to give him an SMB sticker. Turns out he knew all about Super Meat Boy and still had the comic we sent him last year. He said he loved the work we were doing and that our game is awesome. Pretty cool hearing that from the dude that thought up Gears of War:). BulletStorm was actually pretty cool, I hate FPS games but I really enjoyed the combo system in it. It will be cool to see how they expand on that. It's a nice change from fucking War simulations. Just walking around the show floor, I swear I saw the same game 3 and 4 times at different booths...Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, etc all those games look identical and boring. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 looked pretty awesome. Limbo was on the other side of the Xbox booth and that game looks like an animated movie, it will do well on Live Arcade. I did get to go to the Nintendo Press Conference, which was awesome but didn't get to try out the 3DS. From what I heard, the 3DS lines were 2 hours long. I heard from people that played it though that it looked amazing, and they have a bad ass lineup of games coming out at launch, so Nintendo wins E3 on that one alone:) Funny bit of trivia: Jordan Fehr, our sound effects guy, recently got a new job...turns out that job is doing sound design on the new Donkey Kong Country game...pretty bad ass huh?

E3, for me at least, was like a huge B12 shot. I felt like garbage the week before E3 and almost didn't go, I didn't decide until June 14th (the day before E3 started and my birthday) that I was going. I'm very glad I did.

Back to work now as we approach the last few weeks of development and testing. Get ready to have your asses handed to you by Super Meat Boy and enjoy every minute of it!




Whos the Boss? (get it!??!LOLZ)

Posted by Edmund on June 6th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

I posted the 1st images of C.H.A.D. the final boss in Ch2 "The Hospital" on our twitter the other day and i thought id make a more in depth blog post about him, and bosses in general.


So this is C.H.A.D., a giant contaminated mass of blood and tissue that simply loves Meat Boy too much to let him leave. The fight starts out how you see it in that pic, C.H.A.D. jumps around the screen splashing in and out of a lake of blood as you attempt to acquire a key which opens up the next floor. Whe you grab the key the pool of blood under you to starts to rise, and C.H.A.D. goes nuts.

There will be at least 5 bosses to take down when you play through the game.

When you start a new chapter, all 20 main levels are unlocked. The boss remains locked till you complete at least 17 of the 20 levels in that chapter, and once you defeat the boss, the next chapter is unlocked.


Originally level progression was going to be more complex, levels would come in sets of 3 and require you to beat 2 out of the 3 to unlock the next set. But after some testing we realized that locking levels really isn't needed and ends up being more frustrating when people get stuck on a level that's too hard for them at their current skill level. We also did this because 90% of everyone who's played meat boy starts from level 1 and plays through to level 20 without ever exiting to the map screen, so it just made more sense over all.

When a player starts a boss level, they are treated to a short cut scene that pulls things together, then when the boss is beaten the chapter ends with a more extended cut scene that concludes the fight and links that chapter with the next.

Heres a few shots of C.H.A.D.S. intro.


Even though im not a big fan of cut scenes, im kinda going all out on the ones in SMB. They don't ever get in the way, and can be easily skipped but one of the most important aspects of the game is the theme/humor and i felt the need to develop the stereotypically 1 dimensional characters in our small cast a bit more. Now this sounds totally retarded without having played or seen the games cut scenes but i personally think that the story (or lack there of) in SMB is compelling enough to keep the player wanting more as well as rewarding them for a job well done, so in a lot of ways the cut scenes are setup in a way to reward the player with story, and character development.

Every chapter of the game will have 4 cut scenes. One to start the chapter (video game intro parody), one to intro the Boss, one to conclude the chapter and one to start the hidden indie character warp zone of that chapter.

Tommy and i have also been talking a lot about creating mystery and "the unknown" in games. As an attempt to add these elements to SMB ive gone out of my way to add a large set of randomly chosen endings to retro warp zones, as a way to reward the player and also create an air of mystery to what other endings there are.


Ive also added a set of randomly chosen pickup animations for Dr.Fetus. The animation that plays when you complete a level usually references a popular video game attack sequence, ranging from a falcon punch to 100 hand slap (thanks for the suggestions twitter followers!).

Well back to work, we have one more day of crunch for E3, where we will be showing Super Meat Boy at the Microsoft booth. The 1st 2.5 chapters will be fully playable and feature 2 bosses, if youre there come by and say hello!
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