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1st 20 min of SMB!

Posted by Edmund on October 4th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

the 1st 20 minutes of super meat boy with commentary by Team Meat is now up on!

Watch it!


15 days to go!




Best Musician Evar!

Posted by Edmund on August 5th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!


Danny B, not much is known about Mr.B.

Some say he was born in the 1980 locked in a basement forced to listen to 80s pop music, fueling the hate he would later unleash on the world, but others will go as far as to claim he doesn't even exist.

Regardless of these claims, we do know a few simple facts. Danny B (real name Daniel Baranowsky) was born in Russia on a cold winters day. Born blind and deaf, Danny's birth mother Issa put him in a reed basket and sent him down the river to a place known as Alaska.

Danny grew up in Alaska on a small farm with his adopted parents, where he tended to the animals. He would sing to them at night, they were his first fans... that is till they all died.

See Danny has the ability to kill with his music a curse he would have to live with for years to come. His love for life caused Danny to give up music and focus on his farm work, but as his love for animals grew so did his need to release his pent up musical talents.

In late 2008 Mr.B gave in to temptation, writing 3 musical tracks for a small flash game titled Meat Boy, never revealing to the games developers his cursed musical talents. It wasn't till the game was released that everyone would realize Danny's powers, thousands dead, all by his hand.

His curse spread through the Internet, first thousands then millions of kid's faces melted off, ears blown out, and eyes exploded. Danny, drunk on his new found power decided to push himself on a young developer, Adam Saltsman. Danny broke into Saltsman's house, drunk and stinking of stale cigarettes and cheap wine, forced himself on Adam, the whole time whispering in his ear the question "Can i belt you?". Of course in his drunken state this simply came out as "Canabalt?"

Canabalt, the name of Danny's next act of debauchery, a game he would force Adam to make, turning millions more onto the work of the cursed musician.

But what was this? No one died? how could this be? Could Adam's innocence counteract the curse? Could Danny bring his music to the masses and possibly reverse all the harm he had caused?

Danny was a hero, his music took the world by storm, topping the charts of online video game music.

Anyway, Danny B is the musician behind Super Meat Boy, He's fucking amazing and the music he's been working on for SMB is going to blow your mind!

Danny is one of those awesome nut jobs that just keeps blowing you away with his ability to outdo himself on each track. The one that we used for the most recent game play trailer is actually the main track for chapter 4 a very hellish chapter coupled with a perfectly hellish score. Check it out again.

Chapters 2: The Haunted Hpspital!

And here's the forest boss track for those of you who missed it.

The final game will feature well over 12 amazing tracks that build into one of the most epic final tracks ever, I swear to god you will all kill yourselves after hearing it. And if that isnt enough, the game will also feature retro (chiptune) versions of all the games main tracks, you can find them in hidden warp zones, if you're lucky!!

Danny is currently finishing a full musical score for the over 20 animated cut scenes in the game.. heres a picture of him doing so.


Danny's rad.




Liquid Meat

Posted by Edmund on May 24th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

I thought I'd repost this video, it was our "teaser trailer" that we put out early last year, before we actually even started development...

The video was made by a friend of mine James. There wasn't much direction on my part]. I said, "something like those early 90s MTV bumpers or early video game commercials that made no sense but looked awesome" and he just went nuts with it.

I'm posting this video again because I don't think many saw it and also because James is currently working on another that he claims will be way more nuts then the 1st

SMB is has a very early 90s vibe to it, from the humor to the retro throw backs and even the name. Everything about SMB screams that era, pulling a lot from Ren and Stimpy, Liquid Television, Beavis and Butthead and the Spike and Mike Sick and Twisted festival of animation. 91-94 were vital years for me when it came to the impact they would make on my creative career and I'm trying my best to recapture the unbridled and totally bizarre artistic freedom of that time.

I'm planning a big post all about the music of Meat Boy next week but till then, back to the E3 crunch!




Found this the other day on the facebook fan page, amazing job Ty! im using Ty's amazing art to transition into this being a post about the amazing Bit.Trip Runner (see he made some awesome art for them as well, that's the connection!).

The 3 guys at Gaijin Games have outdone them self with what i personally think is their best work yet, Runner is a super twitch reflex music platformer.. but ill let the trailer explain it.

Anyone who owns a Wii should really pick this one up, its super cheap and super fun. it may also crush your soul.

Those of you who arnt aware, CommanderVideo (the long one-eyed black monster in the video) will be playable in SMB. We will eventually upload a small video showing how he plays and explaining how you unlock him!





The Beard made it too!

Posted by Edmund on April 26th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

The video of my beard making a Wario DIY game is finally up!

I have to make a public apology to NOA for making it almost impossible to cut an solid video here i didnt come off as a total ass. i cant act, so 99% of the footage was improvised nonsense and probably not appropriate to show by Nintendo's standards.

You guys did an amazing job at cutting together the parts that worked :)

Wario DIY is almost as awesome as that beard...
i should regrow it.




Best interview yet

Posted by Edmund on April 15th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Probably our best interview yet, all your questions will be answered, secrets will be revealed and animals will die.





G4 blip

Posted by Edmund on March 27th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

The little interview we did with G4 at the Nintendo summit last month is finally up online.

Once again the in game footage is very very old, from the 1st few months of development... we need to put a new trailer together.

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